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Horn Worms

Horn worms received the nickname "Goliath worms" from their sheer size which also makes them a popular pick for people with large animals such as chameleons and dragons. Their bright green size often gets even the most stubborn eaters to try them.  Keeping a horn worm in a warm and humid place with plenty of food is the key to their survival since they must be allowed to feed constantly and that is the prime reason for their price. Our horn worms are sent out with a small amount of food that should last them through shipping. Horn worm chow is easily prepared and fed, allowing you to grow the worms to any size you wish.

working with the "Reptile Feeders" group
e are able to ship feeders to most areas of Canada
(by Canada Express Post)
While they handle the larger corporate orders our service may
be convenient for those smaller orders that individuals
in city suburbs or remote areas may require.

Note that feeders such as Crickets, Superworms and Mealworms travel well
 in warm weather while feeders such as
Butter Worms and Wax Worms
do better when it is a little cooler.

Be Advised - Extreme weather may limit the distance we ship feeders !
Shipping may also be a bit more during weather requiring heat packs etc.
but will adjust lesser when weather does not require extra materials.
Contact us anytime to see if we can service your location before you order.

If we're unable to assist you during extreme weather periods,
we encourage you to get in touch in better weather.

Feeders also available for pick-up if you're close in Ontario.

We must receive your order before midnight
on Saturdays
for shipping the following Monday. 
Orders placed after the cut-off time will ship the following week.

You can order from the individual pack sizes listed.




Product Image Item Name- Price Model
Hornworm Food (ready to feed)

Hornworm Food (ready to feed)



1/2 lb.
Horn Worms - Small

Horn Worms - Small



25 pack
Horn Worms - Medium

Horn Worms - Medium



25 pack
Horn Worms - Large

Horn Worms - Large



25 pack

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