Capital Dragons Extreme Morphs
Capital Dragons is a proudly Canadian Bearded Dragon breeder specializing in extreme colour morphs.
We have some of the most exclusive bearded dragon bloodlines for sale in North America.

We are located in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

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Bearded Dragons......and more!

Capital Dragons is happy to announce that we also have available Leopard Geckos, Pictus Geckos and Veiled Chameleons in addition to our selection of Bearded Dragons! Please inquire about availability.

Currently, we are also working with Mali Uromastyx and Southern Pinesnakes and are excited about the prospect of having these species available in the future.

Capital Dragons - About the Founder
Capital Dragons was founded by Tim Daly of Ottawa, Ontario in 2003. Tim’s passion for bearded dragons took him across North America in search of the finest dragons available...

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